Space and Astronomy Backend Group


Led by John Tuthill, this group is comprised of engineers and technicians primarily involved in the development of local oscillator, signal transmission and back end systems for the ASKAP project. Further details can be found in the ASKAP Technology pages. The group's strengths are in RF and IF techniques and digital signal processing and associated software and extends to expertise in Data Transport and Signal Processing - fibre techniques, RF over fibre, high speed digitisation (techniques and instruments), FPGA signal processing systems (data routing and correlators), application of these techniques to radio astronomy, complex PCB design and assembly and testing. Additional capability exists in RFI measurement and characterisation.

A small team is concentrating their efforts to bringing full functionality to the Compact Array Broadband Backend through provision of zoom modes, pulsar binning and modes for VLBI.

Major Projects undertaken

Six Station VLBI Correlator Documentation and Pictures
Correlator Documentation.
S2 Documentation: RT (pdf), PT (pdf) (2.7MB / ea)
Data Acquisition System using digital filter techniques for VLBI stations. Pictures
SEST Broadband (~2 GHz) Digital Correlator. Documentation and Pictures
Images of complete system
Multibeam Correlator and Conversion Systems. Documentation and Pictures
PC AT Distributed Clock MK VI. Documentation, Software and Pictures.
PC AT Distributed Clock Display. Documentation, Software and Pictures.
PCI Correlator Data Bus Interface. Documentation and Pictures.
Documentation (pdf)
PC (ISA bus) Block Control Computer Interface MK I / MKII. Documentation and Pictures.
Hardware Documentation (pdf)
PC (ISA bus) Event Generator. Documentation and Pictures
Documentation (pdf).
InP HBT Digitisers and Multipliers. HBT Circuits Summary (pdf)
Wafer Test Summary (pdf)
Colour Digitisers Poster (pdf) (11Mb)
2GHz Digital Filterbank Correlator. Documentation (pdf).
Block Control Computer. BCC Commands Documentation (pdf).
EG Signal Break-out/Break-in unit. Manual (pdf).
Dwg#1 (pdf), Dwg#2 (pdf).
Wideband Upgrade for the Australia Telescope Compact Array (CABB)

Concept Paper (pdf).
Poster (pdf).

Final System and results paper (pdf).