This page is largely out of date. Please see latest sensitivity estimates on the LBA wiki: LBA sensitivities
Table 1: Southern Hemisphere VLBI Telescopes - System Parameters



Diameter Mount Elev. Tsys (K or Jy) at each $\nu$ (GHz) Frequency VLBI Available
(Institute) (m)   limit $^{\circ}$ 1.4 1.6 2.3 5.0 6.0 6.7 8.4 12 22 Standard Terminal  


\fbox{\bf AUSTRALIA}



Australia Telescope National Facility




1 x 22m AZEL 12 32K 32K 37K 33K 34K 80K 38K 120K 40K H-Maser LBADR Now$^1$
        340Jy 340Jy 530Jy 350Jy 350Jy 850Jy 430Jy 1300Jy 530Jy      
  6 x 22m     Sensitivity is $\sim$6 times greater than 1 x 22m antenna x$^2$       Now$^3$
Mopra 22m AZEL 12 32K 32K 37K 33K 34K 80K 38K 120K 80K H-Maser LBADR Now$^1$
        340Jy 340Jy 530Jy 350Jy 350Jy 850Jy 430Jy 1300Jy 900Jy      
Parkes 64m AZEL 30 25K 28K 20K 50K 50K 50K 25K 105K 140K H-Maser LBADR/Mk5b Now$^1$
        40Jy 42Jy 30Jy 110Jy 110Jy 110Jy 43Jy 370Jy 810Jy      

Tidbinbilla (NASA) - 1 of 2 antennas




70m AZEL 6 x 25K 16K x x x 25K x 40K H-Maser LBADR/Mk4-5a Now
          23Jy 16Jy       25Jy   60Jy      
DSS45 34m AZEL 8 x x 38K x x x 20K x x H-Maser LBADR/Mk4-5a Now
            165Jy       87Jy          

University of Tasmania




26m XYEW $\sim$16 47K 42K 65K 64K x 124K 56K 120K 180K H-Maser LBADR/Mk5a Now$^5$
        470Jy 420Jy 650Jy 640Jy   1240Jy 560Jy 1200Jy 1800Jy      
Ceduna 30m AZEL $\sim$10 x x 57K 65K x? 80K 85K 107K 360K H-maser LBADR Now
            400Jy 450Jy   550Jy 600Jy 750Jy 2500Jy      



\fbox{\bf SOUTH AFRICA}

Hartebeesthoek 26m HADEC $\sim$10 x 39K 44K 50K 50K 57K 60K 95K x H-Maser Mk4-5a Now$^4$
(HartRAO)         200Jy 210Jy 290Jy 260Jy 290Jy 340Jy 480Jy        



Legend: x - not available at present, p - planned, *? - available but Tsys not known.



$^1$ Detailed information for Parkes, Mopra and the Compact Array antennas is included with the separate proposal forms for these telescopes.

$^2$ 12GHz may be available on only 1 ATCA antenna and by special arrangement only.  
$^3$ Depending on ATCA configuration and phase-stability conditions, it may not be possible to tie together all ATCA antennas.  
$^4$ Hartebeesthoek is readily available by special arrangement through the VLBI scheduler.  
$^5$ At Hobart for S & X bands (13 & 3 cm) there are 2 possibilities:  
   $\bullet$ either a single polarization (RCP) S/X system (Tsys 650 & 750 Jy respectively)  
   $\bullet$ or a dual polarization S band (Tsys 840 Jy) and a dual polarization X band system (Tsys 590 Jy)  


Note 1: The Perth 27.5m & 15m antennas, the Alice Springs 9m antenna and the MOST are no longer routinely available for VLBI.

Note 2: Additional antennas may also be available in the Asia Pacific region by arrangement with the APT.  
Note 3: The S2 VCR tape recording system was decommissioned in Jan 2007. All recordings are on disk via LBADR and correlated on the DiFX software correlator.  


\fbox{October 2007}



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