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ATNF Calc Server

Calc9 is most conveniently run using the calcserver which provides and xml-rpc interface. Unfortunately permissions and firewalls prevent us usefully running the calcserver on either Pawsey systems or a machine at ATNF.

The solution is to have a VM on the Nectar Cloud (details from Cormac).

We have a single instance of an Ubuntu 17.04 VM, with firewall permissions set to allow access from Magnus head nodes. This VM has rather low specs, but is not used for any other purpose than running the calcserver. The project needs to be renewed approximately annually (again details of the application available from Cormac).

Once the VM instance has been created and set running, with appropriate firewall access, the setup of the calcserver is fairly straightforward.

ssh ubuntu@$CALC_SERVER
sudo apt-get install automake libtool autoconf # etc.
svn co svn co calcserver
aclocal; libtoolize --copy --force; autoconf; automake -a;
./configure --prefix=/home/ubuntu/DiFX/
make install
sudo cp init.d/calcserver /etc/init.d/
sudo update-rc.d calcserver defaults
sudo apt-get install rpcbind

Note that the calcserver will run on an arbitrary port, so the VM Security Group will have to be modified to match the relevant port ('rpcinfo -p')

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