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 </​del>​ </​del>​
-<​del>​After archiving, link to mark4 output data (usually a single tar.gz file) as well as FITS file(s) in the ftp area.</​del>​ +See the [[correlator:​distribution|new page on distribution]] of output data to PIs/​analysts. ​
- +
-The old ftp server is no longer active. ​See the [[correlator:​distribution|new page on distribution]] of output data to PIs/​analysts. Provided you have set up access, you can transfer products to the cloud simply by copying them to your area mounted on cuppa21, e.g. with: +
- +
-<​code>​ + -m AUST21.MARK4.tar /​data/​corr/​corrdat/​aust21 trussell@cuppa21 /​data/​corr/​corrdat/​DistributeData/​tom/​ownCloud/​AuScope/​aust21 +
-</​code>​ +
- +
-and share with link on CloudStor+ via your local browser. For distribution of geodetic products, sharing the top level AuScope directory should share everything below for download. Include {expcode}.FITS,​ {expcode}.vex,​ and {expcode}.v2d in the shared directory for the experiment.+
 Post-correlation processing is currently done at Hobart. Post-correlation processing is currently done at Hobart.
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