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Using the RAID Admin Tools

All 5 Xserve RAID chassis are connected to the iVEC network and can be controlled remotely. The RAID Admin Tools software package (distributed by Apple) is installed in /nfs/apps/vlbi/RAID_Admin_151 on the cuppa cluster. In order to start the graphical user interface, log on to any of the cuppa nodes, go to the directory above and run the command:

java -jar RAID_Admin.jar

Note that your connection to the cuppa node must be capable of forwarding X11 data or the GUI will abort with an error message. Make sure you give the -X argument to ssh when connecting.

Once you have the GUI running, you should be able to see each of the 5 Xserve RAIDs listed. Operations are performed by selecting the appropriate unit from the list and using the menus or toolbar items. Changing any of the settings requires the administrator password. Please ask Aidan what it is.

The Xserve RAID units use DHCP, but hopefully will never need to be completely shutdown. Their addresses should therefore remain fixed. When last checked, they were:

  • Xserve RAID 01:
  • Xserve RAID 02:
  • Xserve RAID 03:
  • Xserve RAID 04:
  • Xserve RAID 05:
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