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DiFX on Magnus

There are a number of steps required to set up the correlator environment on Magnus. These instructions assume you want to use the installation set up by Cormac.

Note that correlation is done on Magnus, but pipelining is carried out on Zeus. The two machines share a home area and see the same disks.

Do not run the Pypeline on the Magnus head nodes.

Getting Started

Set up your environment on Magnus for correlating:

ssh <user>
. /home/cormac/.bash_aliases
. /home/cormac/corr.setup

Set up your environment on Zeus for pipelining:

ssh <user>
. /home/cormac/.bash_aliases
. /home/cormac/pipe.setup

You will want to run everything under screen. For shared operations, please use Cormac's .screenrc:

cp /home/cormac/.screenrc ~/.screenrc

ATNF machines lie behind a firewall which prevents direct ssh. To have archpipe and archatoa behave as expected, add the following to your ~/.ssh/config, changing <your_username> appropriately:

Host * ! 
    ProxyCommand ssh <your_username> -W %h:%p
    StrictHostKeyChecking no
    User <your_username>
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