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Correlation notes

ATCA tied array reference station is CAT W109 (CA03)

Tid station is DSS43 (the 70m)

Tid recorded RCP channels only.

Correlated with 64 spectral channels per subband, 2 sec integration, no crosspols.

Output file: v212a.rpf

Flag file: v212a.uvflg

Data verified by: Hayley
Date: 30 March 2009

General comments: This is a continuum phase-referencing experiment at 2.2GHz, observing SN2004ip. The phase-reference calibrator is J1826-3650. 1424-418 and 1921-293 were also observed as fringe-finders/calibrators.

Brief data summary

Scan listing

Plots of the autocorrelations
Comments: Mopra shows low-level persistent RFI spike near 2250 MHz (centre of IF2, both pols). Not visible in cross-correlations.
Tid records RCP only.

Plots of the uncalibrated amplitude and phase against time
Comments: includes off-source data.
Target is not up at Parkes until UT 10:44.
Tid (DSS43) observed from UT 11:01-19:25. Tracking problems at high elevation (see the Observers wiki)

Plots of the uncalibrated amplitude and phase against frequency

Fringe-fit phase solutions
Comments: OK

Fringe-fit delay solutions

Fringe-fit rate solutions

Amplitude and phase against time with fringe-fit solutions applied

Amplitude and phase against frequency with fringe-fit solutions applied

(u,v) coverage for the target source, SN2004ip

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