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Correlation notes

Output files:

Pass File name Description Start date, UT range Antennas Polarizations # subbands (AIPS IFs) Bandwidth per IF (MHz) Spectral channels per IF/pol Corr. int. time (s)
v252bi V252BI.FITS 2017-06-15, 0/21:28:01 - 1/22:00:59 AT CD HH HO KE MP PA TD TI WW YG RR LL RL LR 2 16.0 MHz 64 1.0

At: bandpass problem in subband 1/2 RCP gives reduced sensitivity.
Mp: Stowed ~ 00:35-03:00 to fix vacuum problem on mm Rx.
Cd: Power outage required running on backup power. Most scans between 01:30-02:51 were missed. Slow slew speed thereafter results in later than expected onsource time. See the flag file.
Ti: DSS36 from 02:41 to 09:10:14. RCP in all channels from 02:41-02:59. Dual pol thereafter.
Correlator: Some sources appear to have very poor a priori positions. A spectral resolution of 0.25 MHz and integration time of 1 sec has been used to compensate for this.

Analysis notes: v252bi

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