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Correlation notes

Correlated with 64 spectral channels/subband, 2s integration.

Parkes: The main clock computer got stuck at 01:10UT halting the telescope, it came back into operation at 01:45UT

ATCA: CAOBS died 05:00-05:10.

Tied antennas 4-5 only until UT 0905. Then tied 1,3,4,5 and ran continuous CACAL for phase (changed local schedule to flag all sources as calibrators). May need to flag ~1 minute of data at beginning of each scan (while CACAL adjusts phase).
Examine ATCA amplitudes

Output file: v252g.rpf (converted to v252g.uvfits at PI request)


Correlation notes

ATCA reference: CA04 on pad W104

Correlation: 64 spectral points/IF, 1s integration, compute cross pols

Ceduna and Hobart record first two freq bands only.

Output file: v257a.rpf

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