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Observing at 22 GHz.

ATCA reference station is W104 (CA01).

Correlation notes

2 subbands, dual pol. Correlate with 64 spectral channels per 16 MHz subband, 2s integration.

PI (Roopesh Ojha) wants data in UVFITS format.

Mopra: windstowed between UT 13:40-14:19 and 14:31-15:12.

Ceduna: network problem between UT 05:37-06:22, leaving it tracking 1718-649 throughout this time.

Tid: observed from 334/12:00 until 335/06:00, but went off source for a pointing check between 13:50-14:10, reporting that “It was discovered that pointing had been off up to 35 milli degree in xEl” until restarted with pointing corrected at 14:10:59. However there are fringes before this time.

Output file: v252j.rpf converted with FITAB to v252j.uvf

Flag file: v252j.uvflg

Analysis notes

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