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Tid recorded using DSS45 (07:41:09-15:10:00 UT) and DSS34 (18:28:18-19:56:03 UT)

Correlation notes

Added extra station to .skd file (called 'Td') and added this to as DSS45. (OLD)

O'Higgins had LO offset -80kHz (found at Bonn).

Correlating with DiFX2.0 (beta)

DiFX2.0 is capable of handling the LO offset.

difx2fits handles different Tid stations (given different names as specified in .v2d file)

NOTE: Station positions were taken from .skd file (apart from ATCA and Tid) and some are not up to date. Ceduna has a significant position offset (couple of metres). This can be corrected by running task CLCOR in AIPS.

Some funnies reading resultant IDI FITS file into AIPS. Data from part 2 doesn't appear in plots etc?? Got around this by creating 2nd IDI FITS file from 2nd half. Read in first FITS with timerange specified, then second file. Resulting dataset looks OK.

Final output file: V252K.UVF

Analysis notes

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