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 **ATCA:** Catie: ant 1234. Ref CA02 on W104.  **ATCA:** Catie: ant 1234. Ref CA02 on W104. 
-**NOTE:** Apart from ATCA and Tid, station positions were taken from .skd file and some are not up to date (particularly Ceduna has a significant position offset). This can be corrected with task CLCOR in AIPS.+**NOTE:** Station positions were taken from .skd file (apart from ATCA) and some are not up to dateCeduna has a significant position offset (couple of metres). This can be corrected by running task CLCOR in AIPS. 
 +**Output file:** V252L.0.FITS (RCP only, 4 IFs each correlated with 32 frequency points, 2s integrations)
 ===== Analysis notes ===== ===== Analysis notes =====
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