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Correlation notes

Output files:

Pass File name Description Start date, UT range Antennas Polarizations # subbands (AIPS IFs) Bandwidth per IF (MHz) Spectral channels per IF/pol Corr. int. time (s)
v255ak-cont V255AK.CONT.1.FITS, V255AK.CONT.2.FITS Continuum pass, all sources 2020-12-04, 0/12:00:01 - 1/06:59:39 AT CD HO MP WA RR LL RL LR 4 16.0 MHz 32 2.0
v255ak-l1p0 V255AK.LINE1.P0.FITS Line pass 1, first phase centre 2020-12-04, 0/12:45:55 - 1/06:28:54 AT CD HO MP WA RR LL RL LR 1 4.0 MHz 4096 2.048
v255ak-l1p1 V255AK.LINE1.P1.FITS Line pass 1, second phase centre 2020-12-04, 0/18:51:59 - 1/00:58:35 AT CD HO MP WA RR LL RL LR 1 4.0 MHz 4096 2.048
v255ak-l2 V255AK.LINE2.FITS Line pass 2 2020-12-04, 0/12:45:55 - 1/04:07:33 AT CD HO MP WA RR LL RL LR 1 4.0 MHz 4096 2.048

CD: Windstowed for most of second half of experiment
HO: Weak fringes - probably due to the start of a cyrogenic leak. Also affected by windstows
AT: Clock jump at 12:20:50. Phase/Delay Calibration will not interpolate over this boundary.
Correlator: CALC9 used. All masers are visible in the ATCA autocorrelations.

Analysis notes: v255ak-cont

Analysis notes: v255ak-l1p0

Analysis notes: v255ak-l1p1

Analysis notes: v255ak-l2

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