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 ===== Analysis notes and links to plots ===== ===== Analysis notes and links to plots =====
-**Verified by: Aquib +**Verified by: Aquib** 
-Date: May 13, 2009**+ 
 +**Date: May 13, 2009**
 **File-1:** **File-1:**
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 [[|Amplitude and Phase against frequency]] [[|Amplitude and Phase against frequency]]
 +[[|Fringe-fit delay solutions]]
 +[[|Fringe-fit phase solutions]]
 +[[|Fringe-fit rate solutions]]
 +[[|Plots of Amplitude and Phase against frequency with fringe-fitted solutions applied]]
 +[[|Plots of Amplitude and Phase against time with fringe-fitted solutions applied]]
 **File-7:** **File-7:**
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