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Correlation notes

ATCA reference station is W104 (CA04).

Correlation: continuum - 256 spectral channels per 16 MHz subband.

Maser targets G9.62 and G8.68 were observed (interleaved with phase calibrators) in the time ranges UT 05:57:30 - 10:12:00, 13:25:00 - 14:36:00, 15:24:40 - 16:28:20. Output dataset has 2048 spectral channels across the 2 MHz frequency range 6667 - 6669 MHz.

Integration time: 2 seconds for all files. No cross-pols.

The two masers are strong and so should be visible at frequencies of 6668.3 and 6667.4 MHz for G9.62 and G8.68 respectively (with the first about a factor of 30 or more stronger than the second).

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