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 [[ftp://​​v255q/​v255q_l2_p1.SCAN|Scan listing]] [[ftp://​​v255q/​v255q_l2_p1.SCAN|Scan listing]]
-[[ftp://​​v255q/​v255q_l2_p1_POSSM_AUTOCORR.pdf|Plots of autocorrelations]] 
-**Comments:​** ​ 
 [[ftp://​​v255q/​v255q_l2_p1_POSSM_UNCAL.pdf|Plots of uncalibrated amplitude and phase against frequency]] [[ftp://​​v255q/​v255q_l2_p1_POSSM_UNCAL.pdf|Plots of uncalibrated amplitude and phase against frequency]]
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