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Correlation notes

Output files:

Pass File name Description Start date, UT range Antennas Polarizations # subbands (AIPS IFs) Bandwidth per IF (MHz) Spectral channels per IF/pol Corr. int. time (s)
v271n V271N.[1-12].FITS 2015-04-07, 0/21:00:00 - 1/22:00:00 AT CD HH HO KE PA WW YG RR 16 16.0 MHz 128 0.25

Due to extreme size of output data only one of the 12 FITS files has been pipelined.

Tid: no data (accidentally deleted at station before shipping) Ho: fringes only in the first 8 channels (MKIV rack configuration error). Ke: channels 3, 5 and 7 have no fringes (DBBC error) Yg: channels 3, 5 and 7 have no fringes (DBBC error)

Analysis notes: v271n

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