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Correlation notes

First LBA observation with new CABB system at ATCA - data bad, maybe useless? Some fringes on strong sources but polarizations incorrect (delay between channels?).

Slight antenna position offsets (<1m) for Hobart, Parkes - taken from schedule (SCHED version June 2006, VEX/SCHED: 1.5.86). V275C is not a phase-referencing experiment so this should not adversely affect the results. Updated antenna positions were inserted manually in .v2d file for ATCA, Ceduna based on positions from DiFX 1.0 (CALCDB).

Ceduna has quite a high clock rate in this experiment, not quite accounted for in clocks used for correlation (set rate to 3e-6 mus/s for correlation; FRING delay changes from 0.02 mus to 0.08 mus over the course of the experiment.)

Output file: V275C.0.FITS (1.9 GB): 64 channels per subband, 2s integrations, full Stokes correlation.

Analysis notes

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