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Correlation notes

ATCA: reference station W104. Data in IFs 1-4. Evidently recording stopped from UT 14:10:40-14:33:00 (reason unknown)

Ceduna: Data in IFs 1-2 only. No known problems.

Hobart: Data in IFs 1-2 only. Variable weather reported (sometimes overcast, light rain, sometimes clear).

Mopra: Data in IFs 1-4. No known problems

Parkes: Data in IFs 1-4. Suffered a problem from 18 UT when three of the four receiver compressors mysteriously stopped, causing the receiver to warm up. The system temperature therefore degraded during the last 3 hours of the experiment.

Tid 70m: Data in IFs 1-2. Scheduled from approximately UT 17:46-20:28.

PI (Andreas Brunthaler) requests: 0.5 sec integrations, no cross-pols, 16 frequency channels per IF for continuum, 1024 channels for maser in 22208-22224MHz band.

Data conversion to UVFITS format using FITAB

Final converted output files:
v726b_cont.uvf - continuum pass
v276b_line.uvf[1-9] - spectral line pass, data in IF #2. File split into 9 pieces, can be read in with single FITLD.

Flag file: v276b.uvflg

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