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Correlation notes

Output files:

Pass File name Description Start date, UT range Antennas Polarizations # subbands (AIPS IFs) Bandwidth per IF (MHz) Spectral channels per IF/pol Corr. int. time (s)
v541a V541A.FITS.1, V541A.FITS.2 2015-11-16, 0/23:30:03 - 1/11:59:58 AK AT CD HO PA RR LL RL LR 2 16.0 MHz 32 2.0

AT: A 5 microsecond clock jump occurred at 2015y321d01h54m00s. This has been compensated for in the correlator model, but a clock discontinuity is inevitable at that time. Due to a partial failure of the raid used for recording, approximately 35% of the ATCA data have been lost (randomly distributed throughout the experiment).

AK: A variable residual rate indicates that the position for Ak is poorly known. The quality of phase referencing to this antenna is likely to be significantly degraded.

All: Polarization purity is poor across the array.

Analysis notes: v541a

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