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Correlator Hardware and Software Setup at ATNF

DiFX: notes for installing the software correlator code on Magnus.

globus: notes on installing and using globus GridFtp on cuppa nodes.

Nimbus data store: Notes on the VLBI data store, located in the Nimbus cloud

Scripting tasks in parallel: A simple trick for running multiple instances of a program across a cluster

Correlation of LBA data

Magnus setup: instructions for setting up your correlator environment on Magnus.

CalcServer setup: details of the calc server running on the nectar cloud.

correlation: general instructions for clock-searching and correlation of LBA data.

archiving: notes on copying correlator input and output files to the archive area on iVEC's data store.

records: details of LBA experiments correlated.

verification: instructions for verification of LBA data.

Correlation of AuScope Geodetic VLBI data

LBA User Notes

AIPS fix for experiments correlated with the wrong axis offset at Hobart.

Obsolescent Instructions

The following mostly apply to the old installation on CUPPA.

Mark5 installation

xraid: notes on how to use the Xraid disks on cuppa.

Cuppa notes: Notes about CUPPA for new users (and users who've forgotten stuff!).

distribution: Notes on distributing files to PIs via CloudStor+. (No longer needed since Pawsey Data portal in operation)

diagnostics: links to the diagnostic test plots for various LBA experiments. (Old)

Table of station clock offsets used at the Curtin correlator. (Old)

Editable label for shipping disks to Ceduna. Contact Dave Emrich for the CIRA account number in case you need to register with TNT to arrange disk shipping.

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