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-====== Fixed ======+===== vex2difx configuration information =====
-Start time+=== Fixed === 
 +These are parameters that specify global behavior of vex2difx, including how to split the observation into smaller chunks
-Duration (stop time ?)+Start time\\  
 +Duration (stop time ?)\\  
 +antenna lists  {}\\  
 +output format (swin, rpf) \\  
 +destination prefix \\  
 +data buffer factor / vis. buffer factor \\ 
 +splitting parameters (singleScan, singleSetup, maxGap, maxLength, minSubarraySize) \\ 
-Max antennas  {}+=== Configurations === 
 +Correlator parameters to use
-output format+integration time\\  
 +num channels\\  
 +channel selection (criteria start /stop /average)\\  
 +pulsar parameters\\  
 +autocorrelations on/off\\  
 +blocks per send\\  
 +num phase centers\\  
 +phase center RA/DEC (or EPH)\\  
 +active antennas\\  
 +active baselines\\  
 +sub-band ordering\\  
 +Clock Offset\\ 
-destination prefix+=== Rules === 
 +Mapping of scans to correlator parameters
-data buffer factor / vis. buffer factor+(Note, unspecified conditionals will default to no selection)
 +source name: any \\ 
 +scan name: any\\ 
 +calcode: any\\ 
 +qualifier: any\\  
 +frequency (mode): any \\
-====== Configurations ======+=> configuration \\ 
-integration time 
-# channels 
-channel selection (criteria start /stop /average) 
-pulsar parameters 
-autocorrelations on/off 
-blocks per send 
-# phase centers 
-phase center RA/DEC 
-active antennas 
-active baselines 
-sub-band ordering 
-Clock Offset 
-====== Rules ====== 
-source name 
-scan name 
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