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Test and Verification Data Sets

Files for testing DiFX and for verification of your installation can be found on this ftp area. Most tarballs include a README which walk you through the steps, but you can also follow the instructions on the how to run DiFX page.

File name Size Comments
v252f.tar 5.8 GB 5 LBA style (LBAVSOP) antennas + 1 Mk5a (Mk4) format antenna.
30 secs of 256 Mbps data (4x16MHz bands).
rdv70.tar 3781850 KB 3 VLBA format + 3 Mark4 format 128 Mbps.
50 seconds of 128 Mbps data (8x single 8 MHz bands, 1 scan)

These datasets contain in a single tarball the full .v2d setup plus a reference fileset (input, calc, im, difx output) for comparison - see included README for instructions in each case.

Slightly older datasets

lba_4MHz 156652 KB Very small test, originally distributed with DiFX
K08161 2590492 KB Geodetic Intensive observation with 2 antennas, Mark 4 format 256 Mbps, 1 scan
tc016a.pulsar 5780000 KB 60 seconds of pulsar test data, 3 antennas, VLBA format 256 Mbps. Control and output files for both 1.5 and 2.0

These have separately packaged control and output file tarballs, but they are set up for DiFX1.5. To run DiFX2.x, simply start from the included .v2d file. However, you won't be able to make the nice comparison with reference visibilities which are possible for the recommended datasets.

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