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To Do List from Bonn Meeting, September 2008

High Priority
  • Vex
    • Correlator parameters file (.cpf – see scratch area for contents) (JSON, XML or flat text) Example JSON file from SFXC
    • New vex converter (WB)
  • Geodetic requirements
    • Phase cal extraction (Bonn)
    • Translation of SWIN format to MK4 output format (Bonn) (FIXME: add link to documentation of MK4 output format)
    • Testing: comparisons of totals (Bonn, USNO, NRAO)
  • Audit of AIPS (Concerns: CVEL, UVFIX) (AD)
  • Regression/benchmark testing scripts (JM)
  • Fully implement restrict
  • Input file (WB+AD)
    • Working group → new parameters
    • Future proofing via non-prescriptive format
    • Move to colon as field separator
  • Upgrade time-keeping infrastructure (use femtoseconds and/or DifxTime class) (AD)
    • Support non-integer-ns frame boundary (needed for Mark5B+ @ 2048+ Mbps)
  • Improved Mark5A/B support for eVLBI (AP)
  • Allow correction of LO offsets (AD)
  • Version tracking
    • SVN properties (HG)
    • Track versions in libs and apps (HG + WB)
  • SVN tagging (AD)
  • Makefile clean-up (AD)
  • Mark5C/VDIF support (WB)
  • Skip into disk files (don't read entire file if not needed)
    • LBA (AD)
    • Mark5 (AD)
Medium Priority
  • Documentation
    • Algorithms (AD)
    • SWIN format – better explanation of channel ordering (AD)
    • nchannels+1 issue (AD)
  • eVLBI (CP)
    • Reconnection/long term drop-outs
    • Real-time delay/rate adjustment for (via XML messaging?)
  • Spectral selection & filtering
    • Before sending from core to manager (AD)
    • The nchannels+1 problem
  • Allow negative delays (AD)
  • FITS converter (WB)
    • Allow complicated configurations
    • Write multiple FITS files
  • Input file validation: additional tests? (AD)
    • Parse on master node first
  • Encourage integration time to be multiple of subintegration time
    • mpifxcorr (AD)
    • vex converter (WB)
  • FITS-IDI shortcomings?
    • Pulsar bins (AD+EG)
    • Array, correlator, versions (EG)
  • Test datasets
    • Mirror at several sites
    • Add large (1TB) dataset for benchmarking
    • More datasets with variety of modes & use cases
  • Exception handling in mpifxcorr (AD+WB)
    • Cleaner exits via MPI_Abort
  • Benchmarking
    • Maintain database of results (JM)
  • Messages
    • Variable verbosity level (WB)
    • Use difxmessage instead of most cerr & cout (WB)
    • Dumping to log (JM)
  • Bug fix: last integrations have less than 100% weight (early core shutdown)
  • K5 format support
Low Priority
  • Space VLBI support
    • Orbit model
    • Baseline dependent averaging (in FITS builder?)
  • CALC9.x alternatives (VTP? CALC 10?)
  • Tsys determination (combine with pulse calibration?)
  • Commit fixes to DiFX GUI (HG)
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