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To Do List from Perth Meeting, September 2009

High Priority
  • phase cal extraction (nearly done) (Bonn)
  • DiFX to HOPS converter (HR,JM,RO)
  • Regression/benchmark testing scripts
  • Mk5C/VDIF support (AD,CP)
  • VEX review (WB et al.)
  • MPIFxCORR to alert whether difxmessage is being used (AD)
  • calcserver running on a 32 bit VM (CR)
  • Migrating to python3.0 (ensure current compatibility with python2.6) (everyone)
  • Commenting in setup.bash about IPP library mess. (AD)
  • DiFX2fits uv shifting in trunk (JM/AD)
Medium Priority
  • DiFX internal buffer monitoring (difxmessage sends about once per second or so) (AD) done in DiFX2.0 only
  • “Neutered” version of DiFX (runtime? compile time?) that does no processing at the Core (AD) done in DiFX2.0 only
  • Monitoring at the FxManager of how many subints have arrived from each Core, difxmessage that every integration (AD) done in DiFX2.0 only
  • Documentation Algorithms
  • evlbi
    • reconnection/long term drop-outs (CP)
    • real-time delay/rate adjustment (CP)
  • FITS converter
    • Deal with complicated configurations in a more optimal way (WB)
  • Input file parse errors to be returned only from the master node (AD) (Done in DiFX2.0 only)
  • Test datasets:
    • Add large (~1 TB) dataset with variety of modes (NRAO)
    • Mirror at several sites. (Bonn, Curtin, NRAO)
  • Maintain database of benchmarking results (JM)
  • Bug fix: last integrations have less than 100% weight (early core shutdown) (AD) Fixed in DiFX2.0?
  • Phased array (RS, CR).
  • Input file: Done (in DiFX2.0 only obviously)
    • Phased array (AD)
    • phasecal specifications (AD)
  • Benchmarking scripts (CP,JM,CZ)
  • Auto machine/thread file creation - genmachines (CR)
  • Improvements to errormon filtering (HR)
  • Explore general version of NRAO Monitoring GUI (HR)
  • Rationalize setup.bash (remove NRAO specifics) (CP) Done - ATD
  • visplot (Aquib)
  • Investigate sampler stats monitoring (AD/WB/CP)
  • subband distribution/parallelisation (with VDIF) (AD/CP)
  • Play back from both Mk5 banks in parallel (WB)
  • Transition to using band centres instead of band edges (WB)
  • Baseband data generator for producting test datasets. (WB)
  • Parallelised calc server
  • Store polynomial tau(l, m) generalized delay model in FITS (WB,JM)
Low Priority
  • Single process multi-threaded non-mpi program for DiFX-specific CPU benchmarking.
  • Future proofing via non-prescriptive format (AD)
  • K5 format support
  • Space VLBI
    • Orbit model
    • Baseline dependent averaging
  • eVLBI gui
  • Tsys determination
  • Compare infiniband and 1G-E performance (HR, CP)
  • IPP alternatives
  • Generic startup scripts (CR)
    • Documentation of startup philosophy
  • Shifted FT (moving channel boundary to edge of band) (AD)
  • RFI mitigation in correlator (AD)
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