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To-Do and Wish List

High Priority
  • Cluster configuration file standard definition
    • Adapting various clients (genmachines / threads) to make use of cluster definition file
  • Add large (~1 TB) dataset with variety of modes on Data Fabric (CR)
    • Synchronize data fabric test datasets at several sites. (Bonn, Curtin, NRAO)
    • Regression testing scripts (AD)
  • Make general version of NRAO Monitoring GUI, with generic database backend (USNO)
  • az/el in the calc file, + parallactic angle?
  • Amplitude correction for primary beam effects for multifield projects
  • IPP alternatives
Medium Priority
  • Choose framework for unit testing. Implement test cases (JM)
  • Certifying that non-power-of-2 FFTs works
  • vex2difx (or other) support for creating .machines and .threads (from the eVLBI perspective)
  • Add DiFX diagnostics
  • Storing the original pointing source somewhere in the FITS file (plus the attendant AIPS changes)
  • DiFX with ASKAP data (CP)
  • Add an option in startdifx to loop/wait for a module insertion if it is missing
  • Add per-IF phase polynomial in the calc file (and delay polynomial, too?)
  • Documentation
    • Doxygen of mpifxcorr source - automatically installed locally, also someone mirror to a webserver
    • Documentation of mpifxcorr internals (buffers etc.)
  • Documentation Algorithms
    • parameter optimisation (AD)
    • monitoring, etc - (list of error codes) (AD) ⇒ LOW
    • setting up native Mark5 access (WB+)
  • evlbi
    • reconnection/long term drop-outs (CP)
    • real-time delay/rate adjustment (CP)
  • Maintain database of benchmarking results (JM)
  • Phased array (RS, CR).
  • visplot (CP, JS)
  • Investigate sampler stats monitoring (AD/WB/CP)
  • subband distribution/parallelisation (with VDIF) (AD/CP)
    • replumbing/refactoring vex2difx setup
  • Transition to using band centres instead of band edges (WB)
  • Baseband data generator for producting test datasets. (WB)
  • Parallelised calc server / Efficiency gains in CALC (same time, different sources etc)
  • Store polynomial tau(l, m) generalized delay model in FITS (WB,JM)
  • Standard way of setting up environment (JM)
  • Have different environments for building and operation (GC)
  • Chase up and eliminate the cause of occasional “Somehow Visibility X ended up with Y+1 subintegrations - was expecting only Y” errors
  • Mixed module and file list on one station
  • Investigate whether changing maxReadSize to 8MB (or going to 8 MB subreads) fixes the Bonn problem
Low Priority
  • Play back from both Mk5 banks in parallel (WB)
  • vex2difx to create an input file setup to be used with vlbi_fake
  • Complete Support for VDIF on module directories
  • Refactoring the mpifxcorr/mk5daemon libraries and merging functionality
  • Move to a binary format for pcal files and name by datastream not by antenna name
  • vex2 support (relies on vex2 finalization and some support from field systems)
  • On-the-fly application of calibration (bandpasses etc) with appropriate accountability
  • Modernize sniffer
  • cleanup of DiFX error messages
  • Single process multi-threaded non-mpi program for DiFX-specific CPU benchmarking.
  • Future proofing via non-prescriptive format (AD)
  • K5 format support (CP)
  • Space VLBI
    • Orbit model
    • Baseline dependent averaging
  • eVLBI gui
  • Generic startup scripts (CR)
    • Documentation of startup philosophy
  • Shifted FT (moving channel boundary to edge of band) (AD)
  • DiFX2fits uv shifting in trunk (JM/AD)
  • Migrating to python3.0 (ensure current compatibility with python2.6) (everyone)
  • Add support for crosscorrelation of non matching sample rates
  • SVN cleanup
  • Auditing / refactoring the amplitude scaling
  • Pulsar predictor support in “polyco”
  • Get rid of printing to screen in mark5access (change to be called and printed from elsewhere)
  • Get Eric to improve AIPS PCAL (multi tone)
  • Improve the runtime predictor (make better use of the new cluster configuration file, better estimate true load)
  • Review DiFX installation (SCONS, autotools etc.) (JM)
  • Restitching contiguous zoom bands into wider bands (e.g. for ALMA)
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