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-====== Extracting phase-cal tones in DiFX2.0 ====== 
-Phase cal tone extraction is soon to be added to DiFX2.0.  All of the hooks are already in place in the control file formats.  The following assumptions are explicitly made: 
-  * The phase cal tones fall on integer MHz boundaries. 
-  * There is a tone every N MHz, where N is specified as the extraction interval to the correlator. 
-DiFX2.0 will write out the phase cal values in a format very similar to that written by the hardware correlator.  This allows the computed phase cal values to be picked up by [[difx2fits]]. 
-A phase cal record will be produced for every integration period.  For short integration periods this will result in a lot of phase cal data, but still much less than the visibility data.  Phase cal records will be averaged to a desired interval in [[difx2fits]]. 
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