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 +====== difxfilterbank ======
 +difxfilterbank is a simple program designed to catch UDP multicast messages from DiFX which contain autocorrelations. ​ It is really just a test program, used to obtain data for offline processing. ​ Ultimately, the searching described below will be integrated into an online, realtime program.
 +The autocorrelations contained in the binary messages which difxfilterbank catches are produced by DiFX if it receives a certain control message telling it to start producing dump data.  The autocorrelations come the short-term accumulations (STAs) held at the Core nodes in DiFX.  This allows quite good time resolution to be obtained - tens of ms in DiFX1.5, and sub-ms in DiFX2.0 (see [[difx2.0transients|this link]] for an explanation of the difference).
 +The reason for squirting these STA values to an external program to DiFX is for the purposes of transient searching. ​ The STAs are buffered and searched for single pulses of varying duration and dispersion.  ​
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