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Mark6 in DiFX

This page is to collect some notes about support of Mark6 in DiFX.

Things that been put into place

The following are available on trunk and are expected to be part of the DiFX 2.5 release

  • vex2difx support of multiple datastreams per antenna
  • vdifio recognizes native Mark6 format (VDIF with additional formatting for gather reconstruction
  • vdifio can “gather” from mounted Mark6 module(s)
  • mpifxcorr can directly correlate mounted Mark6 modules. Details will be added here shortly…
  • mark6sg package including scatter/gather library and several utilities: mk6copy, m6sg_gather, m6sg_blocknrs, and fuseMk6
  • mpifxcorr: pulse cal extraction assumption of nAntenna = nBaseline fixed
  • mk5daemon: takes care of module mounting upon keyturn. Sends out multicast that can be digested e.g. by mk6mon
  • mk6mon: like mk5mon displays messages received from the mk5daemons running on Mark6 machines.
  • m6support: includes vdifuse and scan_check

Things that need to or should be done

  • drive correlation based on module name(s) rather than scan file names

* some sort of auto-mounting mark6 daemon

  • gui code, where applicable, needs to break assumptions of nAntenna = nBaseline

* mk5daemon / difxmessage support for Mark6 status monitoring (HR work in progress)

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