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The DiFX Documentation Pages

Getting Started with DiFX

If you have not already, please join the DiFX-Users mailing list - to do this, go to and sign up.

You might find it enlightening to browse the SVN source tree.

Read the Reference Manual which has a lot of detail about the NRAO installation of DiFX and a lot of information about the helper programs for configuring the correlator and managing the output.

The (now-defunct) forum on the old DiFX-users Google Groups page (!forum/difx-users) might also have useful information, so feel free to swing past there and search old threads for answers to questions you might have.

Installing and running DiFX

Advanced considerations for running DIFX

Descriptions of individual packages and libraries

mpifxcorr documentation

vex2difx documentation

difx2fits documentation

difx2mark4 and hops documentation

difxfilterbank documentation

difx_monitor documentation

Utilities documentation

difxmessage logging information

vdifio vdif access libraries

espresso (scripts for managing file based correlation) documentation

difxdb (database extension of difx)

startdifx documentation

polconvert documentation

Automatically generated documentation

Other useful collections of information

Auxilliary documentation

Out of date documentation

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