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 ====== Installing fuseMK5 ====== ====== Installing fuseMK5 ======
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 ====== Install additional Debian packages ====== ====== Install additional Debian packages ======
-Although the FUSE packages are available via apt-get, the versions in the Debian Etch repositories do not provide support for NFS mounting of fuse filesystems. If you are sure you will never want to use NFS, you can as root: 
-  apt-get install fuse-utils libfuse2 libfuse-dev  
-Alternatively, if you want to keep NFS mounting as an option you should install these packages by hand: 
 Copy the following packages to e.g. /root on the MK5 machine: Copy the following packages to e.g. /root on the MK5 machine:
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    dpkg -i libfuse-dev_2.5.3-1bpo1_i386.deb    dpkg -i libfuse-dev_2.5.3-1bpo1_i386.deb
    apt-get install module-assistant    apt-get install module-assistant
 ====== Build fuse kernel module ====== ====== Build fuse kernel module ======
-If you installed the .deb packages by hand, then as user root run:+As user root run:
-  module-assistant prepare +module-assistant prepare 
-  module-assistant build fuse +module-assistant build fuse 
-  module-assistant install fuse +module-assistant install fuse
-   +
-The above module-assistant steps are not required if you installed fuse via apt-get.+
 Load the fuse kernel module: Load the fuse kernel module:
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   echo "fuse" >> /etc/modules   echo "fuse" >> /etc/modules
 ====== Install fuseMK5 ====== ====== Install fuseMK5 ======
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