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FxKernel is a stand alone FX correlator based on the DIFX design but with no MPI dependencies and designed for simplicity. It is not intended for production correlation, just a simple reference design and for benchmarking.


Like DiFX, FxKernel depends on IPP, which must be installed.

FxKernel is part of the gCorr demonstration GPU cross correlator. Download from github:

> git clone
> cd fxkernel

If you have an existing DIFX installation and PKG_CONFIG_PATH points to ipp.pc, you can skip the next step


If IPP is not installed in /opt/intel, add the “INTEL” path as an argument to genipppc or set $IPPROOT to point to this path.

Copy the generated ipp.pc file to a directory pointed to by $PKG_CONFIG_PATH

To build FxKernel

autoreconf --install


cd bench

(Note, if hyperthreading is enabled, consider first editing and setting max threads explicitly).

Note # threads with maximum data rate - probably when #threads equals number of real cores.

Edit and set NTHREADto equal best number of threads.


Note # channels with maximum data rate, probably 256.

Edit, set NTHREAD as appropriate


Edit, set NTHREAD as appropriate

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