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DiFX Users Meeting

The next DiFX users meeting will be held at Haystack Observatory, from the 5th through the 9th of December. This is the fifth in a series of meetings of users and developers of the DiFX software correlator. If you have any questions about this meeting, please contact Roger Cappallo ( or Heidi Johnson (

Agenda and Presentations

The presentations are linked to within the final agenda.


If you are interested in attending the meeting, please register.

The current list of registrants can be found here.


Attendees should book their own accommodation. Hotel information can be found here.

Meeting Location

The meeting will be held at the MIT Haystack Observatory. Directions to the site can be found here.


Air travelers will generally fly into Logan Airport in Boston (BOS), which is about an hour from the observatory. The Manchester airport (MHT, in New Hampshire) is smaller and somewhat nicer, but it is serviced by fewer airlines. It is about 45 minutes from Haystack, and about 25 minutes from the Hotel 6 in Nashua. There is no public transportation to the observatory, so a rental car is recommended.

Meeting Outline

The broad outline of the meeting is as follows:

The first two days will consist of a users meeting with talks involving:

  • Comparison of progress to last years “to-do” list (developers)
  • Updates on new and planned capabilities (developers)
  • Demonstrations of difx or ancillary program usage (users/developers)
  • Tuning your cluster and MPI for performance (users/developers)
  • Updates on sites/installations/production issues (users)
  • Science results (users)

followed by approximately 3 days of development work by the code contributors.

If there are any specific issues you would like to see discussed at the users meeting, please send an email to Roger with your suggestion(s) or update the list below…

Suggested topics of discussion/development:

  • VDIF support (WB)
  • Amplitude calibration based on antenna beam models (WB/JM)
  • DiFX 2.0.2 release (if not yet complete) (WB)
  • Version numbering (WB)
  • Configuration management and self-test techniques (WB)
  • The “trac” bug tracking system: show everyone how to use it and go through existing bugs, possibly reprioritize or fix on the spot
  • Infiniband - user experiences, quirks, and performance optimization
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