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DiFX 2019 at Swinburne University of Technology

Group Photo



Author(s) Presentation
Adam Deller DiFX overview
Adam Deller DiFX for ASKAP
Walter Brisken Vienna Mapping Functions for atmospheric modelling
Walter Brisken DiFX versions and latest updates
Walter Brisken DiFX at the VLBA
Jan Wagner DiFX "outputbands"
Chris Phillips DiFX GPU options
Mark Kettenis SFXC update
Mark Kettenis CASA, VLBI, and DiFX
Helge Rottman MPIfR correlator status + RadioASTRON
John Barrett DiFX VGOS update
Zhong Chen Shanghai correlator status
Peter Kearney Intel, DiFX, and OneAPI
Geoff Crew That Black Hole Image (for the DiFX Team)
Greg Poole Astronomy Data and Computing Services
Cormac Reynolds ATNF site report
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