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DiFX 2019 at Swinburne University of Technology

To do Friday

  • Go through the DiFX3 update list
  • Go through the to-do list

Group Photo


Author(s) Presentation
Adam Deller DiFX overview
Adam Deller DiFX for ASKAP
Walter Brisken Vienna Mapping Functions for atmospheric modelling
Walter Brisken DiFX versions and latest updates
Walter Brisken DiFX at the VLBA
Jan Wagner DiFX "outputbands"
Chris Phillips DiFX GPU options
Mark Kettenis SFXC update
Mark Kettenis CASA, VLBI, and DiFX
Helge Rottman MPIfR correlator status + RadioASTRON
John Barrett DiFX VGOS update
Zhong Chen Shanghai correlator status
Peter Kearney Intel, DiFX, and OneAPI
Geoff Crew That Black Hole Image (for the DiFX Team)
Greg Poole Astronomy Data and Computing Services
  • ATNF site report (Cormac Reynolds)

Things to do Wed-Fri

  • Why is interlaced VDIF showing low weights for GMVA?
  • Why is complex interlaced VDIF data not fringing in DiFX-2.6.1?
  • Why do DiFX logs cut out mid-correlation on OzStar?
  • Why does DiFX not work under slurm when inside a screen session?
  • Test outputbands on ASKAP oversampled/overlapping data after changing autobands logic to select channels closest to the centre of recorded band in the case that multiple options are available.
  • Datstream filelists (Cormac + Walter)
  • PolConvert single dish mode and document
  • DiFX segfaulting on OSX
  • difx2mark4 pcal support for multiple streams
  • One baseline missing from R4s - try reducing number of stations?
  • Tbd Shanghai correlation issue
  • Adding cpumon to report current cpu speed and current power dissipation
  • Get more info on the USNO benchmark lack of repeatability
  • Mark6 playback speed (locally high, but via network speeds are slower)
  • Python3: audit of current changes, what is the strategy going forward.
  • Libraries not appearing when running DiFX on ozstar under slurm
  • MPI parallel tracing of DiFX to look for bottlenecks
  • Generate some one page EOIs for the next call for SSEs on ADACS
  • See whether ADACS would co-supervise DiFX student
  • Antenna in v2d file that is not used crashes vex2difx??
  • Geoff to figure out how to not correlate a recorded band(RTFM more carefully):-)
  • How to allocate nodes in a specific order under slurm
  • Start an overleaf project for DiFX3 paper * Mine the ChangeLogs to get this process started
  • Absolute paths in difx input files - is there a way to deal with them better?

* Can vex2difx parse only the antenna blocks that are in the antenna list?

  • Virtual trunk missing components
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