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DiFX Users Meeting

The next DiFX users meeting will be held in Korea, from 14 - 18 October 2013 at the KVN Tamna Observatory. This is the seventh in a series of meetings of users and developers of the DiFX software correlator. If you have any questions about this meeting, please contact Jongsoo Kim (jskim [at] kasi [dot] re [dot] kr).


If you are interested in attending the meeting, please register

Please also send a hotel reservation form in Accommodation section directly to the hotel.

A list of currently registered participates is available


The schedule is will eventually be available


A block of rooms for the difx meeting has been booked at KAL Seogwipo hotel

The prices of a room per night are

120,000 Won during Sun - Thu
140,000 Won during Fri - Sat

The breakfast is 18,000 Won per day.

The dead line of the hotel reservation is Sep. 9.

To book please fill in this hotel reservation excel form hotel_reservation_difx.xls. Every participant should send this form to the hotel through either FAX or email to reserve a room.


See here later


There is only one airport in Jeju island. Please reserve your flight ticket up to Jeju international Airport (CJU). There are many direct connections to Jeju airport from major cities in Japan, China and Korea. If you want to come to Jeju through Incheon Airport (ICN; a hub airport in Korea), then you should go from Incheon Airport to Gimpo Airport (GMP). Gimpo Airport is a domestic airport where there are many flights to Jeju Airport. Probably the easiest way to go from Incheon to Gimpo is to use Airport Railroad. It takes about 30 minutes and costs 3,850 KRW (about 3.5 USD). You may get more information on Airport Express at There is only one Korean Air flight per day from Incheon to Jeju KE1423 departure 19:05 everyday). If you are fortunate, then you may use the flight.

If you take a bus, it takes about 80 minutes from Jeju Airport to Seogipo KAL Hotel. It costs 5,000 KRW. You may have more information on transportation from the Jeju Airport to Seogipo KAL Hotel,


Visitors who plan to stay in Korea less than 90 days can enter the Korea without VISA. Even Chinese come to Jeju island without VISA. Please check whether you need a VISA at If you need an invitation letter for your VISA, please request Jongsoo Kim through email, jskim [at] kasi [dot] re [dot] kr.

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