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The pandemic years mini-workshops

In view of the pandemic, a “mini-series” of virtual short workshops was planned to replace a physical DiFX workshop in 2020. The first of these was held on the week on November 16 and covered the topic “Migration from SVN to git: worth the pain?”. Future topics may include:

  • Production issues in DiFX (essentially, “things that have caused trouble”)
  • Complex sampling
  • Release planning
  • GPU acceleration
  • Output Bands? (Jan)
  • PolConvert / other support of mixed polarisation correlation? (Geoff, assuming I find time to do a bit more work, and Leonid)
  • Near-field correlation (request from Stuart/Guifre)
  • Other suggestions

Meetings will be held via zoom and recordings will be made available afterwards.

Past mini-workshops

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