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DiFX Users Meeting

The next DiFX users meeting will be held at Curtin University, Perth, from 28 September to 2 October 2009. This is the third in a series of meetings of users and developers of the DiFX software correlator. If you have any questions about this meeting, please contact Cormac Reynolds (c [dot] reynolds [at] curtin [dot] edu [dot] au) and Jennifer Talbot (j [dot] talbot [at] curtin [dot] edu [dot] au).

Agenda, Minutes and Presentations

The final version of the agenda with minutes and links to the presentations is now available.

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If you are interested in attending the meeting, please register.


Attendees should book their own accommodation. Please do so as early as possible to ensure availability (the Perth Royal Show is taking place the same week as the meeting and hotels are likely to be very busy).

We recommend the Good Earth hotel in the centre of Perth. Mention when you make your reservation that you are visiting the “Curtin Institute of Radio Astronomy” in order to avail of the discount rate. Alternative accommodation can be found on Curtin's website which has a list of recommended hotels, apartments, budget accommodation and on-campus accommodation.

Meeting Location

The meeting will be held at the Curtin Institute of Radio Astronomy, located in Buildings 610 and 611 of Curtin's Bentley campus. The CIRA buildings are situated in Technology Park, adjacent to the main campus area. Click here to see the location on Google Maps. Curtin provides an interactive campus map. Buildings 610 and 611 are in the uppermost part of the map.


The CIRA buildings have a visitor's car park which can be entered from Turner Avenue and parking spaces are usually plentiful.

Bus routes 33 and 35 stop on Adelaide Terrace, across the road from the Good Earth hotel, and will drop you off on Hayman road, next to Technology Park. Please see Transperth for more information (give Turner Av, Bentley as your destination address). Note that the first day of the meeting is a public holiday in Perth, so only a Sunday service will be running.

Meeting Outline

The broad outline of the meeting is as follows.

The first two days will comprise a users meeting with talks involving:

  • Comparison of progress to last years “to-do” list (developers)
  • Updates on new and planned capabilities (developers)
  • Tuning your cluster and MPI for performance (users/developers)
  • Using vex2difx - a demonstration (users)
  • Updates on sites/installations/production issues (users)
  • Science results (users)

followed by approximately 3 days of development work by the code contributors.

If there are any issues you would like to see discussed at the users meeting, please add them to the suggestion box.

Details will be added to the agenda as the meeting date approaches.

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