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DiFX Users Meeting

The next DiFX users meeting will be held at CSIRO Astronomy and Space Sciece (ATNF) in Sydney, from 24 - 28 September 2012. This is the sixth in a series of meetings of users and developers of the DiFX software correlator. If you have any questions about this meeting, please contact Chris Phillips (Chris [dot] Phillips [at] csiro [dot] au).


If you are interested in attending the meeting, please register

A list of currently registered participates is available


The schedule is available available

The meeting is available via Videocon on Monday and Tuesday


Accommodation can be arranged by ATNF though please note that the ATNF will not be paying! Please fill in the accommodation form at and make it clear you are attending the DIFX Developers Meeting. There is limited onsite accommodation which is available on a first-come first serve basis.

For your information, the available accommodation is Note that some of these are not within walking distance of the ATNF.

The week of this meeting is Sydney school holidays. Please arrange your accommodation early.


ATNF will provide morning and afternoon tea. There is a good canteen on site for lunch.


ATNF has a guide to the site and local area at including options for getting from the airport to Marsfield where the ATNF and hotels are located. In summary a shared minibus will cost ~$65, taxi ~$100 and train $17. Note that the train station is 20min walk from the ATNF headquarters and probably further from hotels.

Chris can arrange a pre-booked taxi for you and the drivers will meeting you at international arrivals. The cost will be the same as a normal metered taxi. If you would like to do this contact Chris with your flight details, where you are staying and preferably a mobile phone number which will work in Australia. Alternatively there are always taxis waiting at the airport though sometimes there is a queue.


All visitors to Australia will need a visa. Please allow enough time to arrange this. Depending of what country your passport is from the ease of obtaining a visa will vary. Many countries only require an “eVisitor” visa which can be applied for online.

Please see
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