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DIFX 2012 Videocon

Video conferencing will be provided using the AARNet “MCU”. This allows you to connect either via hardware videocon facilities of via your laptop using, for example, “EVO”. Note however there may be volume problems with this setup so usage via EVO is not guaranteed - we will note spend time trying to debug problems with remote videocon links, particularly if you are just using your laptop.

If you need to contact Chris his skype name is xhris.phillips

Hardware Videcon connection

Tell your videocon system to “call” or +61262112645 if using ISDN. Either enter the meeting ID 61262112645# or select “far-end camera control” and navigate using the up/down arrows and select the meeting “CASS-DIFX” and enter using the “right” arrow. If entering the meeting ID, you may have to press # (numerous times) before entering the number as well as at the end.

Audio connection

Phone +61262112645

Connection from a computer

Using the client software EVO (or similar) you can connect from your own computer. For EVO

  • Point your web browser to
  • Click the register button and follow the instructions
  • From the main EVO webpage, click “Start EVO”, wait to connected and authenticate.
  • Select the menu that looks like a phone between “Koala” and “Meetings” and select “Call H.323/SIP Client”
  • Enter the address 61262112645@
  • Click the green phone symbol

IMPORTANT: Mute your microphone from the “EVO Koala” window. (Unless you want to speak!). We do not need to see you either so turn off your camera also

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