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Planning page for 2016 DiFX meeting in Shanghai

WebEx Address:

This page is meant as a scratchboard for folks to suggest topics for the upcoming meeting and volunteer for various presentations, concerted efforts, or other. As the meeting gets closer we can formalize and add the information to the official meeting web page. -Walter 20160831

Suggested presentations and discussions

Below is a list of presentations that at least somebody things should be given. Suggested names for presenters are in parentheses. Anyone volunteering to give the presentation / lead discussion can note this by bolding your name.

  • Introduction to DiFX (Adam)
  • Updates from sites (all present)
    • ASIAA (Hiroaki)
    • LBO/NRAO (Walter)
    • Bonn (Helge)
  • Benchmark results on new cluster (Helge)
  • DiFX in the geodetic world: updates, needs, problems, roadmap
  • DiFX in the mm-VLBI world: updates, needs, problems, roadmap
  • External library changes: IPP (Chris), OpenMPI
  • Support for Mark6, and discussion toward a unified mechanism (Jan, Helge, Walter, Harro; day 2?)
  • vex2difx changes (Walter)
  • polcolvert: building, demo, results? (Geoff)
  • Moving to publicly available repository
  • DiFX on alternate architectures: Amazon Web Services, Xeon Phi, Raspberry Pi, …
  • Licensing issues
  • Release planning
    • New features in existing packages (Walter, others)
      • Mine the ChangeLogs
    • New packages in trunk (Walter, Geoff, Helge, David G)
      • New packages include difxcalc11, polconvert, mk5ab_manip
      • dirlist (Walter)
      • mark6meta (Walter, Helge)
      • difxsim (Zheng)
      • autozoom (Zheng)
    • Release process (Walter, others)
    • Release timeline (discussion)
    • Testing (Adam)
  • To do list evaluation (Everyone)

Point for general discussion

  • VDIF Channel support
  • Godard Vex parser license
  • Tarball DIFX distribution
  • Shared code/benchmarking

Suggested efforts during meeting

  • Documentathon
  • IPP9 merge
  • SVN code pruning (deletion)
  • Jenkins implementation
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