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The DiFX Release Process

The guidelines here are not strict and may change version to version, but document the typical process used in releasing a new DiFX version.

  1. Upon nearing feature completeness or some other indicator that a release is due, somebody should email the DiFX Developers email list, encouraging a quick wrap-up of current developments for the upcoming release.
  2. A countdown page like this is usually created at this time to track remaining work to be done and start building release notes.
  3. A second email indicating feature completeness and transition to bug fix only state is sent out when the countdown list contains only testing and documentation items.
  4. Upon general agreement that the tree is ready for tagging a final email is sent suggesting that.
  5. The release tagging operation involves the following steps
    1. Make the subversion tree for the release, including the version directory (e.g., DiFX-2.0.1) and its subdirectories (libraries, applications, …)
    2. Update ChangeLog entries to include the new DiFX version and possibly a date.
    3. Commit the ChangeLog
    4. Make sure the for each package requires proper versions of libraries (usually statements starting with PKG_CHECK_MODULES)
    5. If you copy the above line, be sure to change the quotes to normal quotes or else the svn cp command will fail with a misleading error message!
    6. Go back to the trunk version of each package and bump the version (usually in and note this in the ChangeLog.
    7. Recommit the trunk version.
  6. Announce to the DiFX Users mailing list that the new version is ready, including a copy of release notes.
  7. Edit the news page of the wiki with the release date

A script, current for DiFX-2.4, is below. For future versions change NEW_VERSION and check for package completeness.

export NEW_VERSION=DiFX-2.4

svn mkdir${NEW_VERSION}/

svn cp${NEW_VERSION}/mpifxcorr

svn mkdir${NEW_VERSION}/libraries
svn cp${NEW_VERSION}/libraries/difxio
svn cp${NEW_VERSION}/libraries/difxmessage
svn cp${NEW_VERSION}/libraries/mark5access
svn cp${NEW_VERSION}/libraries/perl
svn cp${NEW_VERSION}/libraries/python
svn cp${NEW_VERSION}/libraries/vdifio
svn cp${NEW_VERSION}/libraries/vex

svn mkdir${NEW_VERSION}/applications
svn cp${NEW_VERSION}/applications/calcif2 
svn cp${NEW_VERSION}/applications/calcserver
svn cp${NEW_VERSION}/applications/difx2fits
svn cp${NEW_VERSION}/applications/difx2mark4
svn cp${NEW_VERSION}/applications/difxfilterbank
svn cp${NEW_VERSION}/applications/difx_monitor
svn cp${NEW_VERSION}/applications/espresso
svn cp${NEW_VERSION}/applications/guiServer
svn cp${NEW_VERSION}/applications/hops
svn cp${NEW_VERSION}/applications/mk5daemon
svn cp${NEW_VERSION}/applications/vex2difx

svn mkdir${NEW_VERSION}/utilities
svn cp${NEW_VERSION}/utilities/bench
svn cp${NEW_VERSION}/utilities/difxdb
svn cp${NEW_VERSION}/utilities/misc
svn cp${NEW_VERSION}/utilities/pulsar
svn cp${NEW_VERSION}/utilities/vis2screen

svn mkdir${NEW_VERSION}/sites
svn mkdir${NEW_VERSION}/sites/MPIfR
svn mkdir${NEW_VERSION}/sites/NRAO
svn cp${NEW_VERSION}/sites/NRAO/difxdb
svn cp${NEW_VERSION}/sites/NRAO/SniffPlots
svn cp${NEW_VERSION}/sites/NRAO/rcwlib
svn cp${NEW_VERSION}/sites/MPIfR/difxdb
svn cp${NEW_VERSION}/sites/MPIfR/mark5

#other setup things
svn cp${NEW_VERSION}/
svn cp${NEW_VERSION}/
svn cp${NEW_VERSION}/
svn cp${NEW_VERSION}/
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