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DiFX Users Meeting

The next DiFX users meeting will be held at NRAO Socorro, from 15 November to 19 November 2010. This is the fourth in a series of meetings of users and developers of the DiFX software correlator. If you have any questions about this meeting, please contact Adam Deller and/or Walter Brisken (both emails of form, for fictional person Joe Blow).


Agenda, Minutes and Presentations

As with previous DiFX workshops, the 2010 event will cater to both users and developers of DiFX. A detailed agenda will be posted closer to the meeting, but the general outline will be as follows:

  • Day 1: Update on new DiFX features, user reports, and discussion session on future directions
  • Day 2: Workshop on using DiFX, including demonstration of the NRAO setup.
  • Days 3-5: Developer sandbox time. New features, bug fixing, and task allocation/planning

Feel free to suggest discussion topics at the suggestion box.


If you are interested in attending the meeting, please register.


Go here to learn some useful things about Socorro in mid November.

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