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DiFX Developers Workshop 4 Logistics

The 4th developers workshop will be held in Socorro, NM, home of the Domenici Science Operations Center which runs the VLBA and (e)VLA. Socorro is at high elevation (4600 ft/1400 m) and can get cold in the winter. Expect high temperatures around 60F/16C and lows of 20F/-7C. Bring a good jacket.

This workshop will overlap with the annual festival of the cranes at the Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge 20 miles south of Socorro. This means that hotels will fill up more than usual. If you are a bird fanatic you can take advantage of this coincidence. Bring binoculars, a really good jacket, gloves and a hat if you want to enjoy the Bosque!

VLA tour

Depending on demand we can arrange a tour of the VLA site. I suggest having this on the Sunday prior to the meeting to provide jet lagged travelers a means to stay awake.


You might look at the following hotels. I cannot vouch much for quality and/or price, but I haven't heard terrible things about the following options:

  • Best Western (about 0.8 miles/1.3 km from NRAO)
  • Holiday Inn Express (about 0.8 miles/1.3 km from NRAO)
  • Super 8 (about 1.2 miles/1.9 km from NRAO)
  • NRAO guest house (contact


Several options will be available for eating in Socorro; most will require driving from the NRAO building to a restaurant. All three listed hotels above are quite close to Socorro Springs Brewery and El Sombrero. The hotels should all provide simple breakfast. A coffee shop or diner may be a preferred alternative. My default suggestion for lunches would be to walk over to the New Mexico Tech cafeteria or up to the M Mountain Grill. We will probably organize one or two group dinners during the week. A grocery store is on the way from the hotels to the NRAO building in case you want more control over your eating.

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