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List of Participants

Please edit the table and add your details if you wish to attend the meeting. The first 2 days will comprise a “Users Meeting”, and the last 3 days will be taken up with code development issues - the currently incomplete agenda - please indicate which days you intend to attend.

If there are additional topics you would like to see raised at the Users meeting, add these to the suggestion box.

Talks will be added to the agenda in due course.

To edit this page you will need to log in with the account information distributed with the meeting announcement (or your own wiki account if you have one). Email Cormac Reynolds (c [dot] reynolds [at] curtin [dot] edu [dot] au) if you require assistance.

Name Contact Institute Arrival ABQ Days Attending Depart ABQ Comments Talk Title
Adam Deller adeller [at] nrao [dot] edu NRAO 14 Nov 16:55 DL4814 1-5 TBD DiFX developments
Walter Brisken wbrisken [at] nrao [dot] edu NRAO 1-5 DiFX operations at NRAO, Native Mark5, complex sampling, and mixing 32 and 64 bit cluster members
Cormac Reynolds c [dot] reynolds [at] curtin [dot] edu [dot] au ICRAR 14 Nov 18:27 UA6416 1-5 20 Nov 11:31 UA7489 DiFX at Curtin (15 min)
Chris Phillips Chris [dot] Phillips [at] csiro [dot] au CSIRO 13 Nov 14:29 US2707 1-5 19 Nov 18:55 UA6462
John Morgan john [dot] morgan [at] icrar [dot] org ICRAR 1-5 Delay models in the wide field
Roger Cappallo rjc [at] haystack [dot] mit [dot] edu MIT Haystack 14 Nov 1640 AA1521 1-4 18 Nov 1545 AA494 Combining DiFX with Mark4 Post-processing
Geoff Crew gbc [at] haystack [dot] mit [dot] edu MIT Haystack 14 Nov 1640 AA1521 1-4 18 Nov 1545 AA494
Helge Rottmann rottmann [at] mpifr [dash] bonn [dot] mpg [dot] de MPIfR 9 Nov 1-5 20 Nov DiFX vs. Mark IV. A geodetic user's perspective
Dave Boboltz dboboltz [at] usno [dot] navy [dot] mil USNO 14 Nov 1-4 19 Nov
Ralph Gaume rgaume [at] usno [dot] navy [dot] mil USNO 14 Nov 1 16 Nov
Nicole Geiger ngeiger [at] usno [dot] navy [dot] mil USNO 14 Nov 1-4 19 Nov
Stan Kurtz s [dot] kurtz [at] crya [dot] unam [dot] mx UNAM 1-2
Craig Walker cwalker [at] nrao [dot] edu NRAO 1
Amy Mioduszewski amiodusz [at] nrao [dot] edu NRAO 1-2
Jayce Dowell jdowell [at] unm [dot] edu UNM 1-5
Miller Goss mgoss [at] nrao [dot] edu NRAO 1-2
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