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Suggestion Box

Please add here any topics you would like to see discussed at the DiFX user's meeting.

  • The status of DiFX-2.0 and advantages compared to DiFX-1.5.x (Adam Deller)
  • Legal characters in sources (WB: i.e., slashes are bad! What else? What maximum length to enforce?)
  • Upper/lower sideband cross correlation (WB: combine with discussion of shifted FFT)
  • Cluster performance (benchmarking and pitfalls)
  • Output file versioning (e.g., managing multiple correlation attempts of a single job)
  • Mark5B issues
  • difx/mpi setup scripts
  • Monitoring (visibilities AND performance)
  • (partially-)Overlapped FFTs, both for better high lag performance and to get an integer number of FFTs into an inconvenient subint length (WB)
  • Semi-formal “discussion” sessions during the hackathon. Someone stands in fronts and directs the discussion about some new feature etc. E.g.
    • Circular to Linear conversion
    • Broadcast of “useful” monitoring info
  • Case sensitivity in vex2difx (CP. WB; also applies to other places within DiFX)
  • Walter's list of long term DiFX desires / changes
    • Full VDIF support
    • Support for K5 format
    • Audit of amplitude scaling
    • Within native Mark5: ability for dual-bank playback
    • Documentation: man pages for DiFX programs?
    • Polynomial(l,m) UVW and delay model for wide field case
    • Improved run-time predictor for jobs
    • Investigate whether or not to rereference band frequencies to middle of band
    • (eventual) support for python 3
    • Possible switched-power detection based on autocorrelations
    • shifted FFTs
  • Support for clock models and EOPs in Vex file (Cormac)
  • Intel Performance Primitives version 7.0: adapting to new installation procedure and directory structure (WB)
  • Mark5/cluster configuration (HR,WB)
  • JIRA / bug tracking (WB)
  • SVN cleanup (CP)
  • Generalizing the NRAO system (HR)
  • Documentation of mpifxcorr architecture (JM)
    • So that a C++ literate student can dive in and make changes with minimal tuition
  • Unit testing (JM)
    • model accountability
    • bug tracking
  • Look for overlaps between difx2fits and difx2mark4 and move into difxio (JM&WB)
  • difx pcals into FITS (JM)
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