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DiFX Developer Pages

These pages are for developers and users of the DiFX Correlator. Write access is reserved for members of the difx wiki group. If you need write access, email Chris [dot] Phillips [at] csiro [dot] au to request it.

News: The latest releases of DiFX and more

Documentation: Look here for answers to your DiFX questions

Datasets: Example datasets and scripts to test and benchmark your installation of DiFX

Results: Posted benchmarking and verification results for comparison purposes

Change Log: A history of the changes made with each DiFX release (maintained since DiFX2.0)

Plans for the next release: A listing of tests and changes to be completed before the next DiFX release

DiFX for Geodesy

Mark6 support in DiFX

V-FASTR using DiFX

List of Users

To-Do and Wish List

Deprecated (removed) code



Past discussions on the DiFX-users groups page (now no longer used).

Discussions on the DiFX-users and DiFX-developers mailing lists hosted by NRAO.

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