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To-Do and Wish List

Standing Items
  • New python scripts should consider python3 conformance
  • Documentathon with emphasis on inner workings (all)
  • Update the utils page to show what package supplies each tool (all)
    • Reconsider the approach…
  • Update the pdf documentation for currently undocumented tools, and update pdf to version 2.5 (Adam, WFB)
Before the end of the week
  • difx2fits: print why splitting files (WB)
  • genmachines: add validation for group and module completenes of Mark6 media (HR)
High Priority
  • Share vex2xml with difx trunk (GC)
  • DiFX pcals with multiple datastreams (fix in difx? / difx2mark4?) (HR, John)
  • Mark6 group handing plan (WFB, JJ, MW, JW, HR)
  • Mergebands in vex2difx / mpifxcorr (bringing in difx2difx functionality into the real-time part of the correlator) (JW)
  • sanitycheckdifx: what files/issues need to be checked? Implement in vex2difx (CR)
    • polyco typos
    • binconfig typos
    • addPhaseCentre typo in RA, or Dec, or whatever
  • datasim: parallelize, document (Zheng)
  • difx2mark4: fix segfault issue (HR, GC)
  • mark6meta library: fix issue of reporting “module complete” when using incomplete Mark6 modules (HR)
  • CODIF branch merge (AD)
  • Tag 2.5.3 release (GC)
  • DiFX library dependencies clean-up & move of functionality (WB,JW,MW)
  • Adding difxmessage support into fusemk6/vdifuse/jive5ab (JW)
  • Implement group/filelist handling for fuse-mounted Mark6 data (JJ, MW)
    • Not complete for fuse-mounted data, but ready for native access
  • Regression testing scripts (send new datasets to Matteo)
    • Plan: Matteo investigate Jenkins
    • A more sophisticated pipeline than just diffDiFX?
    • Target size: 10G
    • Look for VDIF, Mark5B, LBA, zoom …
  • vex2 support (relies on vex2 finalization and some support from field systems)
    • document almost complete
    • vex parser is almost complete
    • Support for $BITSTREAMS largely complete in vex2difx
    • Plan: finalise, test
Medium Priority
  • Ocean loading: index by position rather than antenna name/code (Walter? + David Gordon)
    • Want to circumvent 2-letter name overload, and ability to have two codes for one station
    • Generally improve this experience.
  • Documentation of polconvert on the wiki (Cormac)
    • Awaiting test data from Parkes
  • Single read of .input .calc .im .threads .binconfig .polyco (phased array) file by manager then distribute… (Adam)
  • Clock units in vex2difx
    • progress: confirmed even newest FS vex library has no support for usec/sec units
    • progress: vex2difx currently behaves ligitimately – no changes required
    • Status: currently, according to vex2 doc, a “time1/time2” unit must have time1 > time 2. Ed seems happy to relax this stipulation. This will be implemented in vex2 - check when this is out. (WFB)
  • Update vex2xml for vex2 (GC)
  • importfitsidi: what's missing ? (MK)
    • other CASA VLBI issues (MK)
  • difx2fits: add option to split files at a given size (WB, CR)
    • 20180907: Option implemented to split after specified number of jobs
  • Update documentation on data formats (both for .v2d and mark5access) (WB, AD)
  • difxcalc: update documentation & examples (AD)
  • provide a new reference model in examples (AD)
  • startdifx: document & improve the single machine case, make it use difxcalc by default (AD)
  • Documentation
    • Putting doxygen of mpifxcorr source on a webserver (link to this from the DiFX wiki if completed: Geoff)
  • visplot (CP, JS)
  • Investigate sampler stats monitoring (WB to dump out into .difx/ dir)
  • subband distribution/parallelisation (with VDIF) (AD/CP)
    • replumbing/refactoring vex2difx setup (DiFX 3)
  • Add option to use band centres instead of band edges (shifted FFT) (WB) (DiFX 3?)
  • Cleanly separate data format and data source (DiFX 3)
  • Option for zero-padded FFT
Low Priority
  • Use extracted pulse cal to predict correlated tones and then remove from visibilities
  • Investigate whether merging pcal plotting tools is possible (Jan)
  • Testing architecture:
    • testing IPP setup
    • Jenkins → - login using Google credentials. (Matteo, John)
  • interlaced vdif issue - why does turning interlacing on not always fix the missing data? (GC, AD)
  • Investigate: 10-node performance hit at WACO (WB)
  • evlbi
    • reconnection/long term drop-outs (CP)
    • reliability with UDP data (CP)
    • real-time delay/rate adjustment (CP)
  • Store polynomial tau(l, m) generalized delay model in FITS (WB,JM)
  • Document Algorithms
    • monitoring, etc - (list of error codes) (AD)
  • Still produce one FITS file even when there was a clock change during the correlation (WB; check to see how AIPS handles merging of FITS files w/ different clocks)
  • Move to a compressed text format for pcal files
  • Modernize sniffer
  • cleanup of DiFX error messages (appropriate verbosity level everywhere)
  • DiFX2fits uv shifting in trunk (or general model replacement therapy) (JM/AD)
  • Pulsar predictor support in “polyco”
  • Get rid of printing to screen in mark5access (change to be called and printed from elsewhere)
  • Get Eric to improve AIPS PCAL (multi tone)
    • Fully complete now. Needs testing.
  • Add DiFX diagnostics
Fantasy wishlist
  • Choose framework for unit testing. Implement test cases.
  • Phased array
  • Add per-IF phase polynomial in the calc file (and delay polynomial, too?)
  • On-the-fly application of calibration (bandpasses etc) with appropriate accountability
  • Space VLBI
    • Baseline dependent averaging
  • Auditing / refactoring the amplitude scaling
    • Has relevance for CASA work
  • Expand/improve difxmessage
  • Two-stage FFT option for very large FFTs (e.g., when using 2 GHz wide bands; DiFX 3 at earliest)

Old lists

Old list from 11th DIFX meeting in Bologna, Oct 2017

Old list from 10th DIFX meeting in Shanghai, Nov 2016

Old list from 9th DIFX meeting in Hobart, Nov 2015 (wasn't saved)

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Old list (from 1st DiFX meeting in Bonn, 13&14 Sep 2007)

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