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DiFX Users

Below is a list of DiFX users, and information about their local environments (OS, compilers, vector libraries). There is a difx-users mailing list available for discussions.

To become a user, see the installation instructions.

Institute OS Processor Number CPU Compiler MPI vector libraries Primary purpose
CIRA Ubuntu 10.04 64bit Intel Xeon 2.7 GHz 20 dual quadcore gcc v4.2.3 openmpi v1.2.5 IPP5.3.3 LBA and Auscope correlation
NRAO RHEL 5.5 32bit Intel Xeon 2.5 GHz 11 dual quadcore gcc v4.1.2 openmpi v1.4.3 IPP6.0.2 VLBA, HSA and Global VLBI
Swinburne Suse 10.x Intel P4 3.2 GHz <10 single core gcc v??? mpich v1.27 IPP4.1 testing/evaluation
Swinburne CentOS Intel Clovertown 3 GHz 140 dual quadcore gcc v??? mpich v1.27 IPP5.1 LBA correlation
Swin/ATNF CentOS 5
Debian Etch
Intel E5345 2.33 GHz
Intel E5130 2 GHz
20 dual quadcore
5 dual dualcore
gcc v4.1.2 openmpi 1.2.6 IPP5.2 LBA eVLBI
MPIfR Bonn Scientific Linux 6 64bit Intel Xeon 2.7 GHz 60 dual quadcore gcc v3.3.5/4.2.1 openmpi v1.4.3 IPP 6.0.2 GMVA, MPIfR obs., geodesy
AIfA Bonn Ubuntu 9.10 64bit Intel Xeon E5420 2.5 (1×2), E5620 2.4 (1×2) and i7-920 2.67 GHz (8×1) + GPUs 2×2 + 8×1 quadcore gcc v4.4.1 OpenMPI v1.3.2 IPP 6.1 wide-field VLBI
INAF-OAC Fedora core3 32bit AMD Athlon 1.5 GHz 4 dual core gcc v3.4.6 mpich v1.27 IPP 5.1 testing purposes
INAF-OAC Scientific Linux 4.5 64bit AMD Opteron 2.5 GHz 28 dual core gcc v3.4.6 mpich v1.27 IPP 5.3xx testing purposes
IRA-INAF Scientific Linux 5.2 Intel Xeon 3.0 GHz 8 single core gcc v4.1.2 mpich v1.27 IPP 5.3xx Testing
IRA-INAF Scientific Linux 5.2 AMD Opteron 2.0 GHz 8 dual core gcc v4.1.2 mpich v1.27 IPP 5.3xx Testing
MIT/Haystack Debian v4.1.1 Intel Xeon 2.0 GHz 2 x dual quad core gcc v4.1.2 ??? IPP 5.3.2 mk4 interface, geodetic & mm VLBI processing
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