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Correlator comparisons

Release verification tests

DiFX-2.4 to go here….

List of verification attributes

Attribute Obs Id. Job name
Zoom band inside USBxUSB
Zoom band inside LSBxLSB
Zoom band inside USBxLSB
Band matching wide USB - narrow USB
Band matching wide LSB - narrow USB
Frequency >50 GHz
LO offset of >1 kHz
Pulsar binning of a MSP
Geodetic setup data
Multiple phase centres
Strong spectral line
Pre-F vs post-F fringe rotation
Mark5B data
Single channel VDIF data
Multi-channel VDIF data
VLBA-format data
Mark4 format data
Mark5B data
Playback from module vs module
Playback from module vs file
Playback from file vs file
Playback from network
2 Gbps data rate
1 Gbps data rate
Narrow band (max 1 MHz)
Radioastron data

All of these to be tested by comparing with

Also want to test the output in different ways (difx2mark4, difx2fits)

List of proposed observations:

  1. VLBA:
    • observation of a bright continuum source at C band with 8 antennas: 2 USB wide, 2 LSB wide, 2 USB narrow, 2 LSB narrow
    • methanol maser (narrow band, and less narrow band)
    • VLBA bright MSP (J1022 or J2145, also for the multi-phase center) at L band 2 Gbps (PFB mode)
  2. Bonn: band matching at 3mm
  3. INAF: Observation with a real LO offset
  4. USNO Geodetic observation (1 scan)
  5. ATNF: Complex sampled data

Plus use existing datasets:

  1. existing dataset for the VLBA format and MarkIV format data (rdv070)
  2. existing dataset for the LBA format (v252f)
  3. LMT data (Haystack, also for testing difx2mark4)
  4. Any: Chris / ATNF to run one or more of these in network data source mode (for both LBA and MarkX format data, and test UDP)

Out of date information

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